Christian Gellinek

Head of Classics, Counsellor,
Pickering College Newmarket,
Ontario, Canada – 1961
Junior Faculty, Yale College and
Yale Univ. Grad. School – 1970
Prof. of German, Conn. College
New London, CT – 1971
University of Florida
GSLL, Gainesville, USA – 1987
Städteinstitut an der WWU
Münster, Germany – 1995
Institute of Social and Economic
Studies, Memorial University of
Newfoundland, Canada – 1996
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT fl. 1998 – 2004
Institut für Pol. Wissenschaft
Universität Münster 2006
Institut für Geschichte
Universität Vechta 2008 – 2010
Christian Gellinek

Professor Emeritus
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

chairman, 7 years
director grad. studies
evaluator departments
reader, reviewer
directed 7 MAs, 4 Ph.Ds


grant and seed money
ten guest professorships
triple Fulbright fellow
author of cultural books,
and articles from 1966 – 2015

Law Study, Göttingen
Teacher's Ed., Toronto
Ph.D. Yale University
New Haven, CT
Habilitation, Basel
January 1975
family of four
children 1977ff.

Comparative Literature
Older German Law
Hugo Grotius
German Americana
Heritage of Mormonism
Philipp Scheidemann
Adam Oehlenschläger

Who's Who in America,
56th and 57th edition
Who's Who in the World,
8th and 20th edition
Who's Who in Germany
6th edition
Kürschners Dt. Gelehrten–
Kalender 12th til 21st ed.

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